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The fast-paced corporate loan provides efficient and accurate assistance to the various Swedish companies’ different needs. With different loan products, companies can achieve many goals. The corporate loan is aimed at anyone who is looking for rapid financing for emergency investments, further growth or even the acquisition of a new business area.


Alternative, from a small loan to an internationalization loan

Alternative, from a small loan to an internationalization loan

There are many loan options available in the financial market, which are tailor-made to create a company, increase growth and balance the economy. Entrepreneurs can easily utilize the small loans or corporate loans to their business needs. It is also possible to apply for investments and working capital loans, development loans, business loans or internationalization loans.


Loan capital for the company’s initial phase

Loan capital for the company

A flexible corporate loan can help facilitate the company’s start-up phase, when there is a lot of cash flow from the initial investment to the wage setting for employees.


The company’s growth and investment financing with a web application

A corporate loan is applied via the internet and after the loan decision the money is paid directly to the applicant’s account. The corporate loan is therefore an effective loan product for financing the company’s important investments – even after the hectic start-up phase. Companies that run businesses in different industries will benefit from their corporate loans, especially as a support for the growth of their business.

Companies that have been active longer in the market often need flexible funding to be able to carry out new investments and balance their economies in challenging economic conditions.


A prosecution guarantee is sufficient

A prosecution guarantee is sufficient

A corporate loan can be granted to companies in the trade register whose responsible persons are considered. The company applying for credit and loan guarantees may not have any payment remarks.

In addition to the creditworthiness of the company and its responsible persons, the provision of an unsecured loan is a guarantee of a private person or persons. A loan applicant can easily manage their guarantee commitment via electronic signature online.


Business loans easily from the web

Business loans easily from the web

Quick solutions are often needed in business operations. For example, in order to perform an important trade, sufficient funding must be secured as soon as possible.

Swedish Pancks – corporate loans, are tailor – made to meet this need. The companies receive a loan decision within one working day and the loan capital is available from SEK 10,000 to SEK 500,000.

The Pancks business loan is particularly suited to SMEs who need flexible financing for their ever-changing financial challenges. Thanks to a quick loan decision and clear pricing, the new loan product has been enthusiastically received in the business area.